Feb 5, 2011

Hello everybody!

Yeah - hello!
I just wanna introduce myself - I'm a German student of English and German Studies and this is exactly why I made this blog. Actually I'm already blogging in German, but my English is still not the best one (I make loads of mistakes, my style is pretty simple as my vocabulary is), so I'm going to change this. I want to hear more English, I want to read more in English and I want to write more in English.
Therefore I beg you pardon right now - excuse my mistakes, tell me where they are - this would be a great help, really.

So, What's this blog about? About books, books and books again. I am going to publish my reviews as I do here:
I'm going to present some books I recognized (the English editions, of course) and talk about whatever comes into my mind.
And, yes, I'm going to finish the blog's design. xD Everything now is just there to have something that doesn't look awful. Never mind!

Okay ... that's it for now. Maybe later on there will be the first review on this blog.

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