Feb 15, 2011

New members in my book shelf ♥ [1]

Nearly forgotten!
Sorry that I use the original picture even if I got the books in German, but it's the way it is! (Actually, some German covers are just to be shown, so this is not the most senseless thing in blogging history.)

Here we go:

What you see here are Jason Lethcoe's "Flight", which was published by arsEdition in February. As you can see, they kept the original cover. I'm really glad they did! (But I still think the first cover is the best one. It has this ... atmosphere, you know? I could stare at it four hours - even days! It's really, really, really, really great.)
The other book is an English one, actually. It's Darren Shan's "Slawter", the third book of the Demonata series. And again I love the cover. They're kinda disgusting, but that's what I like about them.
And thos sheets of paper, yeah ... this is a book that's not published yet. It's title is "Blogging Queen" and German readers can get it in July - I'm one of seven German bloggers that can have a look on it yet and make some notes. If those are good notes, they'll change the book. ;) But never mind, it's a German book anyway. I doubt it will be published in the English speaking area in near future.

So here's a little overview:

Jason Lethcoe: Flight (The Mysterious Mr. Spines #2)
content via Goodreads
Edward McLeod has had his world turned upside down. He-s grown wings, escaped from the clutches of Whiplash Scruggs, a fallen Guardian bent on cutting off those same wings, and, with the help of the mysterious Mr. Spines, ended up in a section of the afterlife known as the Woodbine. Now, with the help of his new friends, Edward must master his Guardian powers and set off on his journey to rescue his mother-s soul from the most evil force in the afterlife, the Jackal.

Darren Shan: Slawter (Demonata #3)
“Never trust fairy tales. There are no happy endings. There's always something new around the corner. You can overcome major obstacles, face great danger, look evil in the eye and live to tell the tale – but that's not the end. As long as you're breathing, your story's still going…”
Nightmares haunt the dreams of Dervish Grady since his return from the Demonata universe, but Grubbs takes care of his uncle as they both try to continue a normal, demon-free existence. When a legendary cult director calls in Dervish as consultant for a new horror movie, it seems a perfect excuse for a break from routine and a chance for some fun. But being on the set of a town called Slawter stirs up more than memories for Grubbs and his friend Bill-E.

So far so good. Goodnight!

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